At Encounter we want to you experience these three encounters.


We do this by being:



Look around you and see how the world we live in is full of creativity. It’s easy to see the art in life when you pay attention. You can see it in the mountains and the sky, in tall buildings and bridges, in art galleries, music, and movies. But it doesn’t stop there. In each of us, there is uniqueness; a creativity on display from the Creator of the Universe. We believe that each person is a work of art and was created to be an expression of God’s love for us and others. The communities that we live in are full of vibrance and creativity. Everywhere you turn there is a creative expression bursting out for the world to see. At Encounter, we will tap into that creativity and celebrate the art that is in and around us.



Hot Springs is a passionate place. Passionate about the Arts. Passionate about food, family, and community. If there is one thing that Arkansans believe in, it’s being passionate about the things that matter most. Life is too short to be lived without emotion. It’s meant to be lived to the fullest, and that can only be done by investing everything you’ve got into it. There’s something to be said about wearing your emotions on your sleeve. In this case, we want everyone to know about the passionate love that Jesus Christ has for them. So when we gather together, we will be full of life. When we serve in the community, we’ll do it with energy and excitement. And when we have the chance to live life next to someone new, we will take every opportunity we get to get to know them and show them the same gift we’ve been given.


What’s the point in doing something if you don’t know why you do it? If something doesn’t work, shouldn’t you fix it? Often times, we go through life trying to measure up to others and make ourselves look just like everyone else so we can fit in. But do you ever stop and wonder why you do the things you do? Is what you’re doing actually making anything better? At Encounter, we want think before we act. We want to understand what is happening in our community and in the people who live around us. We want to ask the right questions and find the right way to be a part of what is going on. We don’t want to just do something because it’s cool or popular, or worked at another church. We want to find the right way to bring life to the restless in our community. We want to be intentional.


Simply put, we believe that the church exists to show people God’s amazing love and to have a positive and lasting effect on the communities it finds itself in. We will constantly be connected to our community and will be building bridges and partnerships with organizations to make a difference. We want to help people. We want them to know that we aren’t going anywhere and that they can trust us, and that God loves them. We will invest in the community and will never forget that we are a part of it.